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"Pearls of Almaty region" AUTHOR'S TOUR

"Pearls of Almaty region" AUTHOR'S TOUR

Almaty Region 5 Days Tour

This tour is a great opportunity to see the diverse nature of Almaty region and get acquainted with the life, culture and cuisine of the Kazakhs. The empyreal landscapes, wild animals, mountain hikes, swimming under the starry sky and delicious food make this tour unforgettable.

The most popular multi-day tour from of Almaty includes as many natural attractions as possible to enjoy them without haste.
5 Days
From: 452$
all year round
Itinerary complexity
  • We will visit the Altyn Emel Natural Park which is the largest in Kazakhstan
  • We will taste "kurt" (traditional Kazakh cheese)
  • Explore the canyons and peaks of Aktau mountains
  • Take fantastic photos in the Katutau mountains
  • Relax in the shade of a 700 year old willow tree
  • Plunge into the color of local life in the villages of Basshi and Saty (Kazakh villages)
  • Conquer the Singing Barkhan and help it singing for us
  • Explore the Tiger Mountains
  • Go down the Charyn Canyon to " Valley of Castles" as deep as a skyscraper
  • We will have lunch on the river bank in Bestamak canyon
  • Enjoy panoramic views of canyons of Temerlik and the Moon from a birds eye view
  • Discover the secret of the Kaindy Lake color and visit Kolsai Lake
  • Take a dip in the open air in the Chunji hot springs
  • We will sit by the fire in the evening with a cup of herbal tea
  • Visit the unconventional Zharkent Mosque
  • Drink Kymyz (national drink of the peoples of Central Asia)
  • We will drive 1400 kilometers in a comfortable off-roader
Day 1
Day 1
Almaty / Aktau mountains / Katutau mountains / Basshy
8 a.m. The adventure starts from a hotel in Almaty or from the airport. After meeting the guide, we hit the road in a comfortable SUV. On the way, we make several stops to try the Kazakh cheese Kurt and take pictures of the surroundings.

12 p.m. The first destination is Basshi village; the road takes about 4 hours. There we check into a hotel and have lunch.

1 p.m. We go to the bottom of the ancient ocean, from which the Chalk Mountains of Aktau rose millions of years ago. The road takes about 1.5 hours on the off-road. In the mountains, the guide offers you to explore the area with several routes of varying difficulty and tell the story of the mountains.

5 p.m. After a walk, we have a cup of hot tea and go to the volcanic mountains of Katutau. Unusual cliffs created by wind, sun and water will be a great place for a photo shoot. Heading to the hotel, we stop at the 700-year-old Willow and try water from a mineral spring.

7 p.m. Dinner at the hotel.
Day 2
Day 2
Bashy / Singing Dune / Zharkent / Hot Springs
7 a.m. Day starts with a hearty breakfast at the hotel.

8 a.m. We take our things and go to conquer the singing Dune. The road takes about an hour on the off road. Upon arrival, we climb to the top of the dune to enjoy the view of the Ili River and the mountains surrounding the singing Dune, the guide tells you where the sand is in the steppe and shows how to help a barchan to sing.

11 a.m. After returning to the parking lot and a cup of tea, we leave for the city of Zharkent. There we have lunch and visit a Chinese mosque built entirely of wood. The road takes about 2 hours and pass through the Tiger Mountains, where we definitely make a stop.

1:30 p.m. We try the most delicious lagman in Kazakhstan in a local cafe (a traditional dish of Central Asian cuisine).

2:30 p.m. We visit the Zharkent mosque and take a walk around the local market to enjoy the flavor of Asian trade and the abundance of fruit and hot bread. Then we go to an oasis in the middle of the steppe - Chunja hot springs.

6 p.m. Arrival to the hot springs. There we can try several pools with mineral water 37-40 degrees Celsius. Most pools are open around the clock. This is a great place to swim in the open starry sky.

7 p.m. A traditional hotel dinner will be a great end to the day.
Day 3
Day 3
Hot Springs / Temerlic canyon / Bestamak canyon / Moon canyon / Saty
8:30 a.m. The third day begins with a hearty breakfast at the hotel of your choice.

9:30 a.m. Pick up things and go to canyons of the Charyn Natural Park. On the way we stop in Chunja city to take lunch boxes for lunch.

11 a.m. Arrival at Temerlik Canyon, formed by the river of the same name, which flows into the Charyn River. The guide will tell the story of the formation of the area and show the best places to take a photo.

1 p.m. Begin a descent into the canyon Bestamak, which is a more colorful and wild replica of the Castle Valley Canyon. The road through the canyon takes about 40 minutes, where we have lunch near the rough Charyn River.

2 p.m. We leave Bestomak Canyon and go to the most breathtaking panorama of the Charyn River and the Valley of Castles Canyon, which we will meet on the last day. This is the best place to take amazing pictures.

5 p.m. After crossing several passes and off-road, we discover the Lunar Canyon. This canyon is not like other canyons and is a mountain clay labyrinths. During the guide story about the area you have time to take photos.

6 p.m. We leave the country of canyons and go to the mountains, to the village of Saty. The journey from the canyons takes approximately 1.5 hours. In Saty we spend the night in a guest house and get acquainted with the life and culture of local residents. A traditional Kazakh dinner will be a great end to the day.
Day 4
Day 4
Saty village / Kolsai 3 / Kolsai 2 / Saty
7:30 a.m. Breakfast in the guest house.

8:30 a.m. Pack our backpacks and go to the lower Kolsai Lake, from which we go on a hike to the middle Kolsai. The road takes about 3 hours one way.

12 p.m. On the middle Kolsai lake we can enjoy a lunch, which we take with us in advance (prepare a place in a backpack). The guide shows you the best places for a photo and makes hot herbal tea.

5:30 p.m. We return to the guest house to have dinner with a traditional dinner and sit in the evening by the fire. There is also time to walk around the village.
Day 5
Day 5
Saty / Lake Kaindy / Charyn Canyon / Almaty
8 a.m. After breakfast at the guest house, we leave for the Kaindy Lake, the miracle of Kungei Alatau. The road to the lake takes an hour off-road. Take a walk on the lake and visit 3 points from which it is best to get acquainted with the lake.

1 p.m. We return to the village of Saty for lunch, pack our bags and go to the Charyn canyon " Castle Valley". After visiting of the best panoramic views of the canyon, go down deep into the canyon and reach the Charyn River. The guide tells you about the origin of the canyon, and treat you tea. You can return to the parking area on foot or rent a taxi.

5 p.m. On the way back to Almaty, we make several stops to capture the sunset and visit the bazaar in the Bayseit village.

9 p.m. We take you to a hotel or anywhere in the city. The many-day tour in Almaty region ends, but stays in your memory for a long time.
Program can be changed or supplemented according to your desire
✓ Rent an all-wheel drive SUV
✓ Fuel
✓ Services of an English-speaking guide / driver
✓ Accommodation according to the program (double occupancy)
✓ Meals according to the program
✓ Entrance tickets to national parks
✓ Tasting "Kurt" and "Kumys"
✓ 1.5 liters of water per person per day

✓ International flights
✓ Medical insurance
✓ Personal expenses not indicated in the program
✓ Visa support
✓ Single hotel accommodation (+80$ per person)
✓ Alcoholic drinks

In case of more persons in group, please contact us by the button
"Request a Price"
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Starting point
What to take with?
  • Comfortable waterproof shoes
  • Raincoat
  • Long pants and a long sleeve shirt
  • Cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect spray
  • Medication
  • Passport
Which SUV will take us?
For groups up to 6 people we use Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Toyota Sequoya, Nissan Patrol. For groups more than 6 people, prepared for off-road Hyundai Starex, Mitsubishi Rosa.
Is the internet available while traveling?
Every evening, Internet will be available at the hotel or guest house. Your guide will distribute the Internet during the ride and you can use it wherever possible.
Can I ride a horse during the tour?
You can rent a horse for a walk on Lake Kaindy or ride a horse to the middle lake Kolsai. The approximate rental price is 30 USD per person.
Is vegetarian food possible?
By prior arrangement, it is possible to order vegetarian, vegan, halal and gluten-free foods.
Is this tour suitable for children?
We recommend going on this tour from 5 years old. We had experience organizing this tour for a 7 month old baby.
Can I download this route for this tour?
We will send a program by email after booking.
I travel alone, can I join a group?
We only organize private tours and do not collect groups. In any case, write to us and we will try to help you.
How does payment work?
You can pay the full amount when booking a tour on our website. Or by prior arrangement, you can pay 10% of the cost as a prepayment via PayPal, and pay the balance in cash on the day of the tour.
Can I change the program?
We are pleased to change the program for you to make it even more individual, please contact us by e-mail.
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