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Charyn area
Boguty mountains

Charyn area
Boguty mountains

The mountains of Ulken-Boguty, or were you on Mars?

One of the most remarkable, almost unearthly beauty, is the Ulken-Boguty Mountains, or the Red Mountains. Their stunning landscape can be compared, except with the Martian! So in summer it is unbearably hot here, travelers are advised to visit Boguty in the spring or autumn.

Ulken-Boguty are located to the east of Almaty (about 150 km), between the Chilik and Charyn rivers, near the village of Chunja, and they are the foothills of the Zailiysky Alatau. The name comes from the Turkic bugutu - "deer mountain", according to another version - this is the name of the mountain grass bugu. The maximum height of the mountains is 1400-1800m above sea level.

A stunning landscape for tens of kilometers is a red mountainous desert, and after a rain the neighborhoods get an even brighter and rich red shade. The spectrum of flowers - from terracotta to burgundy. Podcast and wind formed canyons that resemble the more famous travelers Charyn Canyon.
The mountain chain is formed by a volcanic belt stretching from Balkhash to Almaty, which ceased its activity about 250 million years ago, even before the advent of dinosaurs. Being volcanic activity, mountains are formed by frozen lava flows from basalt, in which they are found because of copper and gold. Sedimentary rocks mean that once there was a sea. So, this place will appeal to lovers of walks in the mountains and explorers of the geological history of our country.

With yourself it is desirable to stock up on water, food, and repellents from all sorts of insects. For a comfortable life it is necessary to take a tent with you, as it is cold in the mountains at night.
We wish you a fascinating journey through the wild this year!