Places to visit in Kazakhstan



The most popular lakes among tourists are the lower Kolsai at an altitude of 1800 m above sea level and the Middle Kolsai at an altitude of 2250 m above sea level. The depth of the lakes reaches 80 meters and the length of 1235 meters.

Kolsai Lake is the Pearl of the Northern Tien Shan. They are surrounded by high mountains and Tien Shan firs. This necklace is created by nature, which is filled with glacial, crystal clear water.

Travelers choose Kolsai Lakes as a place for mountain hiking and outdoor recreation. A walking route from the lower Kolsai Lake to the middle one passes through the coniferous forest. Eight km long trail will make you feel full of fresh, mountain air a few days in advance. The route is not complicated and suitable for everyone. To feel like a Kazakh nomad, you can jump on a horse and overcome this route on horseback.

The middle Kolsai Lake is considered to be the most scenic and undoubtedly worth the effort spent during the hiking. What could be better after conquering the lake, sit down and enjoy a snack with hot tea or coffee. The meal, which takes place under the singing of birds and the water murmur, will remain in your memory for a long time. A call from a colleague will not violate your unity with nature, because cellular communication does not work here.

On the Lower Kolsai Lake, you can rent a boat and enjoy the views from the lake. Ride horses and meditate while sitting in nature. One sigh is enough to relax.

A trip to Kolsai Lakes is recommended to visit in Kazakhstan for mountain hikes, solitude and relaxation.