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It is located between the Tien Shan mountain ranges at an altitude of 1609 m above sea level. The Issyk-Kul Lake is often called the sea because of its size. The Issyk-Kul length reaches 180 km, a width of up to 70 km. It is also one of the deepest lakes on the planet, with a depth of up to 702 meters. Translated from the Kyrgyz name means "hot lake", it does not freeze even in the most severe frosts.

The lake attracts millions of tourists from many countries with its natural and climatic conditions with dizzying landscapes. The view of the snowy, impregnable peaks of the Tien Shan opens from any beach. Contrast awaits at every turn. The sandy beach abruptly turns into mountains, and leaving the hotel you can stumble upon a herd of cows or a herd of horses. In the vicinity of the lake you can meet local residents living in yurts and daily dressing in traditional Kyrgyz clothes.

Due to the mountain climate, the berries and fruits are so sweet that once you try them, you no longer want to eat other ones. The mountain honey, remains completely natural to this day, the Tien Shan mixed herbs gives the unique taste and smell of this sweetness.

The lake gathered around itself all the most popular activities from tracking and climbing to rafting and diving. There are many hot springs where you can lie under the starry sky. Dozens of beaches with clean sand and healing mud. Local Berkutchi (eagle hunters) will gladly take you on a hunt and give you koumiss, and the fishermen will treat you with smoked fish.

Issyk-Kul is a resort in which the spirit of antiquity and customs of ancestors is still preserved. A place where modern life goes well with the wildlife, and the hospitable people are glad to see you.

Visit the Lake Issyk-Kul at least once in your life, and you will definitely want to come back again.