Places to visit in Kazakhstan



The lake is located 15 km from the center of Almaty. The lake is 1.6 km long and up to 1 km wide. The depth of the lake reaches 40 meters. It feeds of water of melting glaciers and is a source of water for several areas of Almaty. The maximum water temperature in summer is 12 degrees Celsius. It is the most popular sight of Almaty.


Big Almaty Lake is the pearl of Ile Alatau. It attracts travelers from different countries with its unusual color and location. The water in the lake changes its colors from green to blue and birch.

Arriving at the lake, the traveler is surrounded by three peaks over 4000 m above sea level. This is a country of magnificent mountains, coniferous forests and the colors of the lake. Big Almaty Lake is a confirmation of the fact that nature is the best artist.

The path to the lake is another adventure. The road is a mountain serpentine over cliffs, revealing near waterfalls and springs from which you can always quench your thirst. It is very difficult to put off the camera, because at every turn you will find a stunning view. The road ends at an altitude of 3200m above sea level at the Space Station. From here you can go on an ascent to the Big Almaty Peak or Tourists Peak.

On the way back, you can eat barbecue on the river in one of the restaurants or visit the falcon show, where you will see how Kazakhs train birds for hunting.

The Big Almaty Lake is a great place to experience the greatness of the mountains and admire the creation of nature