Places to visit in Kazakhstan



Altyn Emel is the pride of the South of the Dzungarian Alatau and the largest national park in Kazakhstan. Altyn Emel National Park is located 250 km from Almaty city. 

The area of the park is 520 thousand hectares. In 2017, Altyn Emel was recognized by UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.


The Park has unique natural monuments: The Singing Dunes, Aktau and Katutau Mountains, 700 year old Willow and monuments from the time of Genghis Khan. Traveling through the park, you see how the earth had looked like before the man arrived. This is a unique place where it is possible to cross several climatic zones in one day.

Fauna and flora is very diverse. The Red Book animals that can be seen traveling through the park impress with their numbers. Altyn Emel National Park blooms from early spring to late autumn. More plants are endemic and are listed in the Red Book.

Travelers choose Altyn Emel National Park due to its original nature and authentic experience. The center of the park is the village of Basshi. The central office of the national park and hotel are located at the village. Walking around the village you can see how children play Asyki (traditional Kazakh game), local residents drive cattle into their homes, women in traditional clothes hang out the laundry.

Leaving deep into the national park, you find yourself in complete silence surrounded by powerful views of mountains and dunes. If you have never heard the silence, then you should definitely come here. Travelers choosing camping in tents can watch millions of stars above their heads as there will be about 50 km to the nearest light source.

Mountain hikers can go hiking in Aktau Mountains. The hiking can be a few hours, or take a couple of days. Walking in the mountains you will find yourself in canyons at the depth of a 5-storey building. Or climb to a height from which you will see the whole panorama of the mountains and the endless desert.

The Singing Dunes will delight with its singing, when from the top you decide to slide down. The incredible views that open from the top will not remain indifferent even the most experienced traveler.

Altyn Emel National Park is an ideal place for solitude with nature, watching the wild world of animals and unforgettable experiences.