Places to visit in Kazakhstan



Charyn Canyon is a unique natural monument of nature. It is in the Charyn Canyon National Park 200 km from Almaty. The park was founded in February 2004. The area of the National Park is 90 thousand hectares. Since 2008, it has been was recognized by UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

The most popular place to visit is Valley of Castles Canyon. It is a three kilometer canyon that goes deep into the earth up to 300 meters. The walk takes about 40 minutes one way.


Charyn Canyon and Valley of Castles Canyon attracts travelers from different countries with its unique relief and scale. It is a work of art created by nature. Water and wind have created this area millions of years.

Acquaintance with the canyon begins with "WOW", and "WOW" sounds constantly here. Seeing this miracle of nature is difficult to remain indifferent. The road to Charyn Canyon goes through the Valley of Castles Canyon. Going down the canyon, you will deeper and deeper get into the realm of sheer cliffs with a million-year history. It is simple to keep moving every minute to take a new shot. Even a person without imagination will see many bizarre figures. The Valley of Castles Canyon ends with the stormy Charyn River, which continues to give new shapes to Charyn Canyon with great speed.

Near the river you can relax, have a cup of coffee and hide from the sun. There are hotel, bungalows and yurts, where you can stay over the night and enjoy the night canyon with the singing of the river. A tired traveler can go back by taxi

Charyn Canyon and Valley of Castles Canyon are perfect places to see that the nature is the best artist and sculptor.